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Universe 21 is a MMO Role-Playing Game where you can play as a lone fighter or form a Organization to explore the vast universe made by a powerful being. Conquer or Governate entire planets, fight agains't NPCs or Players, Gain such immense power no one could stand agaisn't you.

In the game you start as a Earthling Fighter on a Earthling Transport Ship thats headed towards Planet Meanus here you'll learn some of the basics then you drop down on Meanus, where you'll gear up, progress through levels, unlock new races, Capture Bases for your Organization, Capture Zones for your Organization, hop on your Mothership explore Space find new Planets to Conquer or Governate.

How to Play:

Download the Game Launcher, open it then click on the Server you want to Join, wait for resources to be downloaded. Once you're in the game you're greeted with a screen asking you to pick a Name, this Name is your Account Name but also acts as your Clan Name, where all your characters will reside.


  • Persistent Universe(Open World Planets, Space Travel)
  • Organization functions(Bases, Zones Capture, Scout Missions, Motherships)
  • Settlement System(Zones where anyone can build)
  • Action based Combat
  • PvPvE Gameplay
  • Character Progression(Customization, Combat and much more)
  • Seamless Character Loading
  • Millions of Equipment variations
  • Millions of Techniques variations
  • 9 Races with up to 20 Paths
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Ranking System
  • Dynamic Event System(Spawning Elites and Bosses)
  • Current max Level: 999

Current Version 1.0.10


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